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I want to rename a male friend Scott into a similar name in Spanish. What is the Spanish equivalent to the proper name "Scott"? Also, where can I find a list of common English names with a list of common Spanish name equivalents?

  • Posted Jun 18, 2010
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Princessjane is right I think. After all if you call the person "escoces" you have changed the implications/associations.

How would you make Rodriguez into English? The name has connotations, un rodriguez is the husband who stays back in the city in August working while his family holiday in Menorca or wherever.

In August in Barcelona if you go for a menu del dia you'll see los rodriguez eating alone, usually lentejas y chorizo and a vacant expression. grin

  • Thanks, Princess Jane and Birdland. I figured "Scott" had no easy Spanish equivalent. But I like the "Rodriquez" analogy of names befitting the personality. I'll just christen my friend with "Sancho" - starts with an "S" and evokes Sancho Panza memories! - mwpeterson Jun 18, 2010 flag
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According to my spanish teacher, some 30 years ago, Scott translated into spanish = Sancho. I took it, and have gone by Sancho ever since. Sancho also has a slang meaning, but that meaning refers to "a sancho" while "Sancho" is a proper name.

Hope that answers your question. Scott = Sancho. Sancho = Scott.

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Mwpeterson, I think this is more of what you're looking for:


Whenever I encounter a Scott, I go to the next closest Anglo name (Stephen) and translate it to come up with Esteban. But Sancho works too!

Buena suerte grin

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Welcome to the forumsmile

Scott in Spanish is also Scott. There is no difference between the languages.

  • I checked on google as well and posted this question in other sites to see if i was right, and I got the same answers: Scott is no different in Spanish. - princessjane Jun 18, 2010 flag
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I propose "Escot" and "Mascot." Or simply keep Scott, and pronounce it as "scoat."

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Hope that answers your question. Scott = Sancho. Sancho = Scott.

Jejejeje, Anybody who is up on their Mexican slang will get a laugh out of this.

In Mexican Spanish El Sancho is the guy who "takes care of" your wife when you're not at home, LOL.

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