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Estoy leyendo un libro del autor Juan Rulfo, y no entiendo esta frase. ¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

  • Posted Jun 17, 2010
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Well, then! smile and as it is colloquial it can also just mean 'ok' a bit like vale, or 'ok then'.

If used at the end of a sentence I think it's more like our English 'alrighty then' - before we say 'catch ya later' lol.

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"¡Vaya, pues!"

This can mean many things depending on the context.

If you get an answer correct, you might get a ¡Vaya, pues! (You've got it!) in response.

If you ask for directions and say thank you, you might get a ¡Vaya, pues! to say "On your way then!"

If you just agreed with someone's statement, ¡Vaya, pues! can mean "That's what I'm saying!"

Context is very important, but it's always a positive expression. grin

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