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ejemplo que se ignifica abided ,abidden, abides,abiding

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Hola y bienvendia al foro.

La palabra "abide" in inglés significa "cumplir (un promesa); acatar, atenerse a (ley, decición)" en español.

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También significa soportar - I can't abide bad manners = No soporto los modales malos.

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Abide tiene bastantes usos; Respetar : I will abide by your decision. Conformarse con algo: We abide the rules as written. Estar de acuerdo: We abide the statements made today. Tolerar: To live I must abide the ravages of the illness. Esperar: we abide the coming of the Lord

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It depends on which meaning you mening They have given you good verbs although I never heard of abide used to mean to tolerate . For the most common meanings of abide to dwell or to remain it habitar o permancer

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I have heard that permanecer means abide though that is usually reserved for religious contexts.

I pray that the spirit of the Lord abides with you during this trying time.

Oro que el espíritu del Señor permanezca (esté) contigo durante este tiempo de prueba.

Or... you could use estar...

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