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In detail how do I write minutes out and say them in spanish - example ;" Sir it is three minutes past five pm " 77_b77

  • Posted Jun 14, 2010
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3 Answers

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Señor, son las cinco y tres de la tarde.

Telling time in Spanish

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Señor, la hora es cinco y tres en la tarde. If it happens to be after dark say,en la noche.

In Latin American countries the difference between afternoon and night goes strictly by the sun. If the sun is still up at 9pm it is afternoon (tarde). If it's dark at 4:30 pm then it's night (noche). I don't about Spain.

With telling time the form of ser is used. As in > ¿Qué hora es?< What time is it?

To say: Our appointment is at 3:30. You would say: Nuestro cita es a las tres y media.

  • I am an advanced beginner to intermediate learner of Spanish. Corrections are appreciated. - canicos Jun 14, 2010 flag
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Shouldn't this be "Señor, son 3 minutos después de las cinco de la tarde"?

  • Spanish uses "y" for "after" and "menos" for" before/until" in telling time. - 0074b507 Jun 15, 2010 flag
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