Sinónimos y Antónimos de "solamente" | SpanishDict Answers
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Create a sentence in Spanish (with the English translation) using a synonym or antonym for today's word solamente.

Please remember to check for corrections and to vote for your favorites. smile

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alt textSólo hemos un perro en nuestro casa.. No creo que alguna vez tendré otro.

Our househould has only had one dog. I do not believe that I will ever have another one.

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Englobamos todas las ideas que tenemos para resolver el problema.

We group together all our ideas in order to solve the problem.

ENGLOBAR=to include, lump together.

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únicamente - solamente

Fabiola quería bajar algo de peso, así que pasó una semana entera únicamente comiendo ensaladas de lechuga y tomate. A su gran alegría bajó tres kilos, y celebró con un pastel de nieve!

Fabiola wanted to drop some weight, so she spent an entire week eating only lettuce and tomato salads. She was very happy to have lost 3 kilos, and she celebrated with an ice cream cake!

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Sinónimo = exclusivamente

I study Spanish exclusively because my brain cannot handle more than one major task at a time.

*Estudio español exclusivamente porque mi mente no puede hacer más que una tarea a la vez.

  • mentira, todas las mujeres somos multi´tarea, no como los H O M B R E S! lol - 00494d19 Jun 14, 2010 flag
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Su hermana nació con sólo un riñón.

Her sister was born with only one kidney.

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