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I think I may take all the vocabulary from a few textbooks to create flashcards for the entire website to use. I was wondering if there was already a user anyone knew of who has done what I may do. If so, let me know who has these great flashcards. Thank you.

  • Posted Jun 13, 2010
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HI brady, I will call Ian and Fidalgo and Billy to this thread, they have done A L L the sets on the site:p

They will be able to indicate you the best.

I can offer you my sets, I have created a lot of sets for students on this site and for my students of English here in Spain.

At least my sets don't have mistakes. I cannot recommend you user sets, in general, unless they were created by users with a high reputation. Have a look for those.

Have a look for Ian's sets. They were all checked for mistakes and they are really great.

  • Gracias Amiga. - ian-hill Jun 13, 2010 flag
  • Gracias Heidita. Those are very good sets. I will definitely go through them all. - BradyStep Jun 14, 2010 flag
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Other helpful sources

hombredelpajaro's Flashcard Sets

Miss nametaken's Flashcard Sets

Joe's Flashcard Sets

aloshek's Flashcard Sets

Marianne's Flashcard Sets

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  • Estoy de acuerdo ... hombredelpajaro, Marianne try ... Khearns85 and Swampy - readytodicta Mar 25, 2012 flag
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Hi Brady, I would reccomend that you go to "users" and concentrate on the flashcards made by the people listed on the first few pages there. These people are the ones who have proven themselves to be VERY serious students and/or teachers. I must recommend Heidita's cards as she is an educator by profession. You might also desire to use the search option to find flashcard sets of interest. Visit the "newest" section of the flashcard area, there are many new sets created everyday, some may be of interest to you. However, the very best thing to do, in my opinion, is to make your own. You know what is hard for you, you know what your weaknesses are. Additionally, if you make your own you will be learning as you create them. We wish you great success!

  • Gracias Billy-Jones. I will definitely do that. - BradyStep Jun 14, 2010 flag
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I would think that the person who has the best set of flashcards would be the person who has the flashcards containing the vocabulary that you are the most interested in learning.

If I already know all the words in someone's set, they are likely to be of less interest to me, no matter how well organized.

As for your proposal, just strip the dictionary of it's definitions, context, and examples and there is your list. You'll just have to make duplicate flashcards for every different meaning according to context. For instance, what does dejar mean? If you list all the different synonyms on one card, then...you have the dictionary.

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Hi Brady

I would suggest going to "Flashcards" and searching for "word of the day" - I did a number of those.

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I just typed up a flashcard set for a high school Spanish 3 curriculum. Are there any users whose flashcards you have used that have used a high school or college curriculum to make their flashcards?

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Ian, I am sure you can recommend some sets to the user, you must have come across many useful setswink

  • Hi Heidi - I have to admit that I don't know how to put in links. I will find out now - I hope. - ian-hill Jun 14, 2010 flag
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Spanish vocab flashcards

This was my first "link" - I finally found out how to do it. grin

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Also good are:




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