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I have always used only "ser" with the word feliz, however, I am seeing more and more estar + feliz.

This doesn't sound right to me.

Do you have an opinion on this? If so, please share. Gracias. smile

  • Posted Jun 9, 2010
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  • I wish that you were still here old friend , then it would be , soy feliz de nuevo. - ray76 Jan 9, 2015 flag

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Soy feliz - I am a happy person. Estoy feliz - I feel happy.

  • Gracias, Jeezzle! - Delores--Lin Jun 9, 2010 flag
  • Thank you Jeezzle, I was going to put up the exact comment, but you got there first. :) - Daniela2041 Jan 8, 2015 flag
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Soy (una persona) feliz > Soy feliz.

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if you're saying, i'm a happy person, referring to your personality, then you use ser. if you are talking about your emotions, as in saying, i'm happy, you use estar.

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I was told by a Spanish teacher (as in from Spain) that ester feliz also means to be tipsy. I've never heard it anywhere else though so I'm not positive.

  • In Mexico we say "estar alegre" or "andar alegre" to mean that someone is tipsy. - LuisCache Jan 9, 2015 flag
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In Spain, I think that they try to be a little more conservative and the language changes just a little bit from time to time. At one time, I remember "feliz" just being used with "ser" I'm Spanish, but I came to the US when I was quite young.

I have become more Mexicanized up to the present time and I am in agreement with those who said "Soy feliz" = I am a happy person. Estoy feliz=I'm happy, This is what is being taught today in every major College Spanish textbook.

As far as the word "drunk"

How about: Borracho, ebrio,Briago, Alumbrado, Teporocho, Encandilado, Enchispado,

A guy that is high is un cohete, or está ahogado, or está al color. If he is really "bombed", you can say "anda bien pedo" But "feliz" just ain't in there!!

enter image description here

  • Some of the above may be "R" rated. I'm not sure I just put them in for fun. :) - Daniela2041 Jan 9, 2015 flag
  • Estoy feliz de que usted los pone en - ray76 Jan 9, 2015 flag
  • Yes! I hear "anda bien pedo" often. - gringojrf Jan 9, 2015 flag
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I was taught in my Spanish class that you were always supposed to use ser with feliz >rather than estar. My teacher was from Spain

Although feliz and contento can be said to be synonymous (meaning happy) there does seem to be a slight nuance of difference between them. As a generalisation feliz is usually considered to refer to a more enduring happiness (making it a good candidate for ser and character traits etc) and contento is generally seen to be more of a passing emotion felt in the moment but not necesarily residual (for this reason working well with estar).

Having said that you are bound to come across exceptions wink.

  • Nice, Kiwi. How are you? Feliz , or at least contenta? - annierats Jan 9, 2015 flag
  • Hey Annie, yes I'm good thanks :) how about You? - Kiwi-Girl Jan 11, 2015 flag
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I was taught in my Spanish class that you were always supposed to use ser with feliz rather than estar. My teacher was from Spain.

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Soy feliz. I am happy person everyday. Estoy feliz. I am happy at this moment.

  • Exactly, mxsant, and your English sentences are perfect, too. - Echoline Feb 13, 2011 flag
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