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Este sábado,

Ganarán los EEUU con facilidad? O quizás Inglaterra matará a los EEUU?

Creo que va a ser un juego intenso! Y además, cuál merece ganar?

Vamos a practicar nuestro español con un tema interesante raspberry

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Well played United States you deserved the draw although our goalkeeper gifted you the goal. Oh and I am glad to see that you have corrected your title and origanal question, no need to thank me for pointing it out.

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  • that must have hurt, jeje ;))) - Issabela Jun 13, 2010 flag
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¡Jesús! Estoy en estado de shock!

Enhorabuena Estados Unidos, yo pensé que no teníais nada que hacer contra Inglaterrawink

  • Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos!!!!! - Yeser007 Jun 12, 2010 flag
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Quiero los Estados Unidos pero creo Inlglaterra gana

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We talked about this last night in the Skype talkwink

Patch directly said: I do not want to talk about football !!!mad

greg said: Hey, we (the states) are going to win anyway!

Markbaker said: hey...that was loooooow.


Un golpe bajo, eso es lo que dijo Markbakerwink

En fin, gracias al football todo fue más divertido si cabe. Y la mayoría dijo que España va a ganar el campeonato.

Yessssssssssssssssssss, así esraspberry

  • Todavía estoy deprimido, pero bueno. - patch Jun 13, 2010 flag
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Inglaterra, si no fuera de tema aqui) tienen mas ambiciones y un equipo fuerte)

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¿Cuál estados estás hablando? Which states are you talking about? I have just realised that you are talking about the football match between the United states and England but I must poit out that EU means European Union, you should say: Inglaterra v los Estados Unidos and it is abreviated EEUU and as regards the question I will be one sick englishman if we lose that one.

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¡Como siempre- no es bueno para mi salud cuando veo Inglaterra juega futbol!

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Green won't be in the next game I bet!
Most of the game was played on the American half of the pitch, though. That's for sure.

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U S A's M V P of the game.

alt text

  • Jejeje - 003487d6 Jun 12, 2010 flag
  • What's up with him - he S C O R E D :) - ian-hill Jun 13, 2010 flag
  • omg....jejejejejje, Ian, te lo hubieras pasado muy bien ayer, una pena:( - 00494d19 Jun 13, 2010 flag
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I just saw the clip of the fumble. ACK I feel sorry for that guy! And that is the most sport I have seen in most of my life.

  • Niz - What is A C K ? - patch Jun 13, 2010 flag
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I wonder if anyone remembers these .....

link text

link text

..... why is it always in the most important games?????

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Well, I must admit that I was a bit surprised with the game's result. But anyway, the best match so far was Argentina-Nigeria, I really enjoyed it. Few fouls, many shots and lots of action.

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