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Hello friends, I am still learning so I hope this question isnt stupid but "caminar" and "andar" both mean "to walk" right? if this is the case, am i able to use them interchangeably? If not can someone provide a sentence for both as an example of when to use one over the other...

  • Posted Jun 7, 2010
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They are completely interchangeable. Andar, I believe, is more commonly used in Spain and caminar in Latin America, but they mean the same thing.

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Hi and welcome to the SpanishDict forum. grin

Take a look at "andar" in the dictionary; it's one of those words that can mean lots of different things, and "walk" is just one of them.

Again, welcome to the forum...hope to see you around.

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Expand your horizons. Try this link. There were 24 illuminating answers that time round.

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I suppose that, actually, some of the answers were quite pedestrian. jeje

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The Beatles, andando y caminando!

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