One of the questions posted just now reminds me of one of my long unresolved questions: When do you use dónde and when do you use a dónde? What's the difference?

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Interrogative (used in asking a question) adverb which means "where" or "at or in what place/location." For example:

¿Dónde estás? - Where are you (What is your location)?


Interrogative adverb which means "to where" or "to what location/place." For example:

¿Adónde vas? - Where are you going/where are you headed to (to what place are you going/headed)?

Adónde can also be found written as a dónde, and according to the RAE (DPD) either form is acceptable:

son igualmente aceptables las grafías adónde y a dónde

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Adonde means where but more like a destination, or "to where" for example "adonde va?" (where are you going?)

Donde means "where" in the more general sense.

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The big diference between Adonde/ donde is just because adonde have a preposition A-donde a means an action, is like the complement which gives the verb action.

And donde have a wider use. to conect things places or simple to say were the action is. And not forget Dónde is for questions ex: ¿Dónde dejaste mi libro? Donde is for positive and negative sentenses ex: El país donde nací es Chile, no quiero ir donde mi abuela. and too Adónde question and Adonde normal sentence

the easy way is look this sentences

sentences with movemente is right say¿Dónde lo envío? ¿A dónde lo envío? ¿Adónde lo envío? (yes with the separate preposition) ¿Adónde vas? ¿Dónde estás?

sentences without movement ¿Dónde estás? , El lugar donde me llevaste a bailar es el mejor.

(sorry if I write wrong, but I'm new smile

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