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I'm having a garage sale in the southwestern portion of the US and want to advertise in Spanish, craigslist etc. for primarily Mexicans who make up a large part of potential buyers. Anyone know an idiomatic or common phrase for "garage sale?"

  • Posted Jun 6, 2010
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7 Answers

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Check here

garage sale (México) -- venta de garaje

garage sale -- (en la casa de su propietario) venta de objetos usados

garage sale -- feria americana

  • I like feria americana. Thank you Dana - mindreader Jun 6, 2010 flag
  • Surprised to see "venta del garae" Thank you - mindreader Jun 6, 2010 flag
  • mindreader - even if you add the missing "g" in "garage", a sale of the garage "venta del garage" still isn't the same as a "venta de garage" - geofc Jun 6, 2010 flag
  • lol-that will be interesting when someone shows up to buy the garage - 0074b507 Apr 28, 2011 flag
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Don't laugh too much ,but here in the north of México we use '' Venta de Garaje''

  • Si, pero pronunciamos garaje en inglés: Garage - Agora Apr 28, 2011 flag
  • And how do you say "estate Sale" another very common type of sale here in the States. - faliron Apr 28, 2011 flag
  • I´ll check that out faliron - pacofinkler Apr 28, 2011 flag
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Around here they use los garajes, or hay muchas garajes hoy,

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Wow, that's a good one, I am interested to see if there is a term. If not you could just say something like 'Venta de objetos usados' Not real catchy tho is it.

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that would be a an interesting phrase to say lol

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We must have a [garage][1] sale in our home because this is one way of getting some money to provide in our daily needs. So we must do what the best for you. Smile! grin

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venta de garaje!

All kinds of used clothes, utensils, electronic devices and gadgets are now on garage sale. Buy one for you and to your love ones for a very low price! Go out and get them. Many will do this at their home, so what are you waiting for make a step and don't be ashamed.

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