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I was wondering what good oldies you know in Spanish? My fave: link text

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This is mine: Tu nombre me sabe a hierba -- Joan Manuel Serrat


The video with the lyrics

  • Sounds like gravy, love it. - jeezzle Jun 6, 2010 flag
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Leo Dan - Como te extraño mi amor y Mary es mi amor

  • A bit slow for my tastes, but not too shabby. ;) - jeezzle Jun 6, 2010 flag
  • Oh my God!!! Leo Dan!!!! jamás pensé que me lo encontraría acá!!! un Argentino!! de Santiago del Estero!!! - Benz Jun 6, 2010 flag
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Spanish Oldies.

El Muchacho de los Ojos tristes - Jeanette

He Renunciado a ti - Jose Jose

El Me mintio - Amanda Miguel

Y como es el - Jose Luis Perales

and so on...

  • WOW this stuff is great. I love Jeanette now. I agree with a youtue comment. I am now in love with esta mujer !!!!! - jeezzle Jun 6, 2010 flag
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Any Julio Iglesias from the late 70s and early 80s... wonderful

Armando Manzanero, which was my mom's generation really. I got to hear his songs with Luis Miguel.

Have you ever listened to the recently late Sandro..? Oh my, oh my...

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Sorry guys I had to go to work and I got off just a bit ago....... but it's really late. Let's see....it's 2:38. wink

Great stuff guys! In Texas here, we have a bunch of Spanish stations but the cream of the crop are the 3 at the end of the dial. 107.1 Recuerdos (memories - a great oldies Spanish station) 107.5 La Mega something (more current stuff, some English thrown in) 107.9 La Calle (Pretty good current stuff but they replay the same 5 or so songs over and over again, good gracious how many times do I have to hear Aventura, I could stand with never again.) Gracias. Of the three my fave is Recuerdos and I would love to hear more from you guys........ Gracias.

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Thanks for posting this, Jeezzle....this gives me new music to look forward to!

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Ramito de violetas - Cecilia

Maquillaje - Mecano

Hijo de la luna - Mecano

Chan Chan - Buena Vista Social Club

  • Neat, I didn't realize that Mecano has been around since the 80s. - alba3 Jun 6, 2010 flag
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