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around the nieghborhood the spanish kids would call the white people a slang word for white. But not Blanco. It was wedo? Is this the correct spelling?

  • Posted Jun 1, 2010
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  • wedo for male & weda for female. It's a derogatory urban slang word used by mexicans towards white people. Same meaning as calling you cracker , honky or whitey. So wedo or weda is very derogatory and racist slang word. - corong Sep 27, 2014 flag
  • It is not a derogatory name you should research before giving such foolish advise. It is just another name for a white person. it is nothing like cracker or honky. So I guess the Spermarcado in my area named El Guero is a bad place to shop??? LOL - El_Guero Nov 4, 2015 flag

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You are probably trying to spell "guero" which sounds like "wedo" to the untrained English ear.

guero (masculine) = blond, light skinned

guera (feminine) = blond, light skinned

  • ¿no debe ser güero y güera? - athegr8 Nov 11, 2010 flag
  • Thank you! I bet this was it. I lived in AZ for 13 years. I am always missing out because I have yet to learn English. - MBGizmo Jan 17, 2017 flag
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wedo, white guy/ spanish guys who look white

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