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educar - to educate, to teach, to train, to bring up (children)

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Maria Callas, la soprano más famosa en el mundo, se educó en la música en Atenas.

Maria Callas, the world's most famous soprano singer, received her musical education in Athens.

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El niño es muy educado.

The child is very well-mannered (trained). I like Spanish's link between being well trained or educated with polite, well-mannered.

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La mejor manera de aprender es la de educar a otros de lo que ya sabes.

The best way to learn is to educate others about what you already know.

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Tuve el placer de ayudar a educar a mis niños.

I had the pleasure to help educate my children.

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Educating the under privileged children is a goal of UNESCO

Educar a los niños sin recursos es un objetivo de la UNESCO

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Eduque al niño en su carrera: Aun cuando fuere viejo no se apartará de ella.
Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it. smile

  • Presume "Anun" should be "aun". - geofc May 30, 2010 flag
  • What happen to your tractor, Jason? - billy-jones May 30, 2010 flag
  • Eduque al niño.... aun... - Mokay May 30, 2010 flag
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Desearía ser educado en las temas de Economía , Ejercito , Gobierno y Derecho.

I wish to be educated in the subjects of Economics , Military , Government and Law.

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All parents hope that their children are well educated (polite).

Todos los padres esperan que sus hijos son bien educados.

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Durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, los americanos trataron de educar murciélagos para arrojar bombas.

During World War II, Americans tried to train bats to drop bombs.

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Mis gatos me han educado bien...cada mañana, me despierto a una hora tan temprana para preparar sus comidas favoritas.

My cats have trained me well...every morning I get up at a very early hour to prepare their favorites foods.


  • Cats are very good at training humans. - billy-jones May 30, 2010 flag
  • Let's just admit they were designed this way ;)) - Issabela May 30, 2010 flag
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Oenologist have to educate your taste for years.

Los enólogos tienen que educar su paladar durante años.

  • I've always worked on educating my own taste and I believe oenologists do the same. - geofc May 30, 2010 flag
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Si eres ciego tienes que educar el oído.

If you are blind, you have to train your hearing.

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Para tener clase, es necesario ser bien educado.

To have class, it is necessary to be well mannered.

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A cada generación, los ancianos se quejan de que mal educado son los jovenes de hoy! ¿No es así?

In every generation the elderly complain about how ill mannered the youth of today are. Right?

  • ...and each generation is getting worse. Love the sentence. - billy-jones May 30, 2010 flag
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Necesitamos educar la juventud porque son el futuro de nuestro país.

We need to educate the youth because they are the future of our country.

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