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Like How would you say "it is 60 degrees Farenheit"? I forget if you use "a" or "de" or wat something else.

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Estamos a sesenta grados. This construction is where the "a" comes in.

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  • Would you use this when it's 60 outside (the subject of the statement) but 72 indoors? - geofc May 29, 2010 flag
  • It translates as "it is...". I think that its use is similar to English. You use additional qualifiers to distinguish indoors/outdoors. Alone I would assume that it means outdoors. If your wish to refer to indoor temperature you would have to declare - 0074b507 May 30, 2010 flag
  • that context. - 0074b507 May 30, 2010 flag
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Son sesenta grados Fahrenheit.

You do not need "a" or "de".

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This is pure curiosity and not linguistically oriented. How many Spanish speaking countries, if any, use the Fahrenheit scale?

  • It's only a matter of time until that scale disappears. Let's hope that its use is not spreading. - 0074b507 May 30, 2010 flag
  • The same with the entire English system of weights and measurements. - 0074b507 May 30, 2010 flag
  • I can only hope that the U.S. converts to the metric system!! - --Mariana-- May 30, 2010 flag
  • Even the Amrican Gallon is not the same as an English Gallon - ian-hill Dec 19, 2010 flag
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we can say in Spanish something like those sentences: -"Hace mucho calor hoy. ¿Cuántos grados hará?" -"Debe estar haciendo 15 grados" (15 degrees celcius = 59 degrees fahrenheit) where 'grados' means degrees celcius.

if we talk about a degrees of something, we can say: - "La temperatura del horno está a 200 grados" - "La temperatura de éste horno es de 200 grados" - "El Hierro se funde temperaturas mayores a 1259 °C" I hope it help you.

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