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"got on"

  • Posted May 29, 2010
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significa "subir" al coche , en avión... etc. en el pasado.. smile

For example : I got on the buss.

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Yes it has that sense of movement as a phrasal verb: got up/out/ into/out of ad infinitum but there is another sense too.

They met at a party and got on very well. Here the sense is como caerse bien.

Also "got" can imply "have got" Que tengo as in I've got a new car, which abbreviated would be "I got a new car." Fun eh wink

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Get is one of the most used verbs in the English language. My Collins dictionary lists 5 foolscap pages, so I think context is very important when trying to translate this verb.

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Another obvious usage is when I get home from visiting my tax advizor and my wife asks "Well what had she got on?" "¿Como estaba vestido?". Irrelevant, yes but a standard question.

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It can also mean 'to get along' (to more or less like each other). As in, "They didn't get on," meaning they didn't enjoy each others' company.

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Get y sus verbosasociados con paritucula son u con mucho deficiónesNecestiamos más contexto para contestar tu pregunta por completo

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