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I received this from a friend of mine visiting Spain. Can you tell me what it means?

  • Posted May 28, 2010
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8 Answers

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. It means, "I miss you." And, just FYI, your friend didn't write it quite properly. It should read te extraño.

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Have a look at this, it will answer many of your questionswink

All about love

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i miss yo

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Significa te extraño (with eñe): i miss you.

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i miss you

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Perhaps he meant to say "Tu extraño" == You are a strange one. smile

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Hiiii Te extrano- i miss you example- in spanish - te extrano,hijo, siempre pienso en ti; in english - i miss you,son, i am always thinking about you; okey

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Te extraño means I miss you.

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