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There is the rule that we use the male gender noun when referring to a group made up of male and female members. However, I seem to hear "amigos y amigas" used very often. Is that an exception to the rule or would it be correct to also call the group "amigos" only?

  • Posted May 23, 2010
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4 Answers

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A group of boy friends and girlfriends can be refered as "amigos y amigas" or "amigos". "Amigos"= "boyfriends" (in term of "amigos y amigas")

  • OK, so the rule still applies. Thanks, Fidalgo! - Rikko May 23, 2010 flag
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You can call a group of friends as 'Amigos'.

  • Thanks, Vaanathis! - Rikko May 23, 2010 flag
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Hi Rikko.

I think the speaker is just trying to be polite when he says "Amigos and Amigas..." just like when they say "Damas y Caballeros..."

Because you're right, there is a rule that if there is one male in any group we use the masculine nouns.

  • Thank you, Marianne. Now I understand it better. - Rikko May 23, 2010 flag
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Rikko, in Spanish this is only used to be "politically correct". rolleyes

This is against any kind of rule in Spanish and the correct form is: amigos.

  • Gracias, Heidita. I hear it often that's why I thought maybe it's an exception. I really appreciate the clarification. - Rikko May 23, 2010 flag
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