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Do you have the same problem in your country? Are children more prejudiced for any other reason?

Tell us about your country, either in English or Spanishwink

Obesity and clothes: Major causes of bullying

Children's physical appearance: A dividing point in schools

A study by the British Council revealed that in Spain 47% of the students reject anyone who has a different aspect from themselves.

MADRID - Skin color, race, accents, religion and sexual orientation are among the principle causes of many adolescents being victims in high schools all through Europe, of their being bullied by their classmates. But in Spain, that which is least pitied is physical appearance. Students who are overweight and those who are not dressed in the latest fads or fashions are the ones who suffer the most attacks. Specifically, during adolescence, they are discriminated against by almost half of their fellow students.

On the other hand, Spanish students are the most "tolerant" in Europe, after the Dutch, concerning religion: "Only" 11% show discrimination against their classmates.

  • Posted May 18, 2010
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As a primary Teacher I found very little discrimination although I had maybe 20 different nationalities in one class, they were very tolerant of each other, and as far as the clothing is concerned we are still using School uniforms which is a great equalizer and stops the fashion conscious from taking hold .

  • I always favored school uniforms but many parents think it infringes on the childs indivuality. - 00d7cd75 May 18, 2010 flag
  • Ones individuality will shine if one is an individual , just nonsense , but uniforms save parents money and can be handed down , and are sold at end of term. thanks ken. - ray76 May 18, 2010 flag
  • I agree completely! - 00494d19 May 19, 2010 flag
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Students who are overweight and those who are not dressed in the latest fads or fashions are the ones who suffer the most attacks.

In the U.S. this is still very true. Girls are on diets at age 9, and they are begging their moms for designer clothes.

Is very sad. We have had three cases this year where a student committed suicide to avoid the harassment. It's called "bullying to death."

  • Very sad, we are getting bullying via SMS, and one death has ensued. - ray76 May 18, 2010 flag
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Unfortunately it is true. People get so caught up in having certain clothing that if you wear a size larger than somebody else or you aren't wearing a certain brand you get picked on. I am a teenager and I think it is kind of interesting to watch people shop in a clothing store. Most of the time, people buy TONS of clothing. I buy what I like no matter what brand it is, because then I really don't care about what other people think because I like what I am wearing.

  • Good for you. It's nice to be comfortable in who you are. - --Mariana-- May 18, 2010 flag
  • For this very reason, I still have clothes that are "so out of date" it's funny. But...if I like it, I wear it. - Delores--Lin May 18, 2010 flag
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Los obesos y los malvestidos molestan a los genios.

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Dress and obesity in schools

These are very much at the forefront of the problems that students face at school. What amazes me is to see the lack of respect that students have for themselves concerning how they are attired. It is of little consequence what the family's economic status is, they come to school looking as poverty stricken as some of the people where disasters have happened. The irony is that some of these "fashions" are quite expensive!

The consensus is not to wear uniforms because, as Ken stated, it is felt that uniforms "take away one's individuality", but the students could be clones dressed as they are.

We have faced another problem just this year of "cyber-stalking."

Whether overweight children are bullied depends a lot on the age-group though overall, some of the most popular students are definitely not "rail-thin.

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I was fat as a child, I know exactly what they are talking aboutconfused

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I must say that these acts of intimidation in a child's weight does not bother me. All forms of bullying get under my skin, but the harassment of someone of his weight? Many children are chubby because they are what is known as baby fat. This can not be helped. Some children have a genetic predisposition to obesity and again, no remedy. However, due to this rite of the bad, the other kids have to make their lives miserable completely thereafter. Why? Because they can. They know where, when and who bully and know that most of the time, no one in authority does nothing. Thanks What are the causes of obesity

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Nada nuevo aquí. Los niños son malos.

Nothing new here. Kids are mean.

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It's also where someone who is "uncool" wears a "cool" brand of clothing and the "cool" people swarm claiming that that person is not cool engough to where that kind of clothing.Oh and the school bus! Only "cool" kids are allowed in the back of the bus. One day it was really crowded and some kids had no choice but to sit in the back. The whole ride they were harrassed with cursing and screams to get back to the front. I feel so bad for those people because I am allowed to sit back there, so why should they not?

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Causes of child obesity Many people are in the misconception that obesity only affects the outer appearance of a person however that is not just the fact. Obesity also has an adverse effect on their health too. In addition to the physical changes the person affected by obesity also encounters a lot of psychological and mental issues as well as social and intimate issues as well. So avoid making fun or showing disgrace to an obesity affected person as your deed will lead to the increase of psychological problems and lead to depression and aging.

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