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I can't seem to translate this on the automatic translator. What's the English please?

estoy muy muy triste por que tu no me cumpliste m sueño ni me ayudaste estas ves que te pedi dinero pero bueno sera tu el que pierde no yo amor yo estoy seguro de que te amo pero te pedi este favor y no me mandaste

  • Posted May 17, 2010
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3 Answers

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A very loose translation lol: I'm sure someone can do much better but in the meantime to perhaps get the gist:

I am very sad because you haven't fulfilled my dream or helped me (seeing as?) I have asked you for money but fine, you will be the loser, not i, love. I am sure that i love you but i asked you this favour and you didn't send (it) to me

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I assume you received this from a friend who is now, maybe, no longer your friend. I'm not prying into your life, only looking for context.

Very freely and making a number of guesses where the grammar is especially shaky, I get:

"I'm very, very unhappy because you didn't fulfil my dream, nor did you help me on those occasions when I asked you for money. Anyway, you'll be the loser because I won't love you, I'm sure I love you but I asked you this favor and you didn't send it to me."

The latter part of this is not very reliable because the Spanish is just a mess.

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I am very, very sad because you didn't fulfill my dream nor did you help me these times que I asked you for money; but well it will be you who loses not me, love. I am sure that I love you but I asked you this favor and you didnt lend to me.

Rompe alguien por correo? rolleyes

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