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What are the differences between Algún/ Alguien/ Algo/ Alguno and are there any others like them? And what are the differences between ningún/ nadie?

  • Posted May 17, 2010
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4 Answers

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One of the difference would be that alguien/nadie are only used as pronouns while algún(o)(a), ningún(o)(a) can be adjectives or pronouns. Algo is a pronoun or an adverb, but not an adjective.

Another difference: alguien and nadie can only refer to people. Alguno(a)/ninguno(a) can refer to people or to things.

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algo = something

alguno/algun = some

alguien = somebody

ninguno/ningun = none

nadie = nobody

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server gone nuts

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I find this the easiest way to differentiate algo algun alguna/o/s uno/a/s

algo - pronoun ( something, anything) = adverb ( somewhat)
algun - part of phrases eg de algun modo ( in some way) alguno/a/s - adjective ( some books) uno/a/s - more specific adjective - some cookery books

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