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On the TV show Sabado Gigante, i saw a story about "Los desafiantes del Chacal traen solo temas de flores." Could you please translate that and give me the information behind it? Gracias in advance smile

  • Posted May 16, 2010
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I did a search on "Chacal" and came up with several hits.

I am not familiar with "Los desafiantes del Chacal"; however, one site explained that a "chacal" is a vicious animal and that this word can be used to describe a very cruel and ruthless man. Maybe this fits in context.

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I remember the book (and movie) Day of the Jackal and I think in Spanish it was "Chacal' but I can't remember the rest of the title.....

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"Desafiantes del Chacal" pops up only in the site of the presenters of "Sabado Gigante" which is not a whole lot of use. So who, what are the "Challengers of the Jackal"? Wish I knew. I simply come back to the original question "who is the Chacal?"


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on the show there is a character/person dressed in black who calls himself "el chacal." People audtion in singing, if they are not good, the chacal comes and takes them away. That is how the show works. the phrase means "the defiants (challengers) of el chacal only come with themes of roses", meaning that most of them are auditioning with love songs or to that effect. I used to watch the show a long time ago, and i think that's what you're referring to.

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El Chacal---the jackel... Escucha.... la música suave... Jose y Ola

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