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Hi everyone.

My friend Heidita went to an event last night, and I want to say "I hope that you had fun" (past tense).

My first thought was to use the preterit "Espero que divertiste," but I know that "Espero que" requires the subjunctive.

Would it then be "Espero que divirtieras?"

Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Posted May 16, 2010
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3 Answers

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Espero que lo hayas pasado bien

You could also "Espero que hayas disfrutado."

I see why you want to use the imperfect subjunctive since it was last night, but since "espero" is in the present tense you need for the subjunctive verb to be in the present too. You then can use "haber" in its present subjunctive since it happened last night.

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Perhaps "...que te hayas divertido."

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"Espero que te hayas divertido"

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