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Hi all,

Does anyone know of any telenovelas (or other Spanish-language shows) that are available to watch by the episode on the Netflix instant play feature? I know they have Spanish-language movies, which you can find in the "foreign" genre, but they aren't really set up to allow browsing of different genres within the "foreign" genre itself...


  • Posted May 15, 2010
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I'd like to know as well. A couple of the foreign movies I've tried to watch have turned out to be pretty close to soft-core porn and so I stopped bothering in the foreign section. (That's what I get for adding the instant queue over my Xbox and not being on the website to read the user reviews.)

  • I am having that EXACT problem! I have found some in the Spanish-language section that are legit movies, but it's very hard to tell which ones are and aren't porn, because netflix writes plot descriptions for all of them as though they are regular movies! - aceydoubleyo May 15, 2010 flag
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The only one i've found so far is "mas sabe el diablo". I haven't seen it, but it comes highly recommended.

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Netflix does not have many telenovelas. I use DramaFever instead, their telenovelas are from all over Latin America and Spain, so you can pick whichever one matches your taste. They also subtitle all the episodes, which if you are learning like me, helps a lot.

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