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This is taken from the song David Bisbal sung with K'Naan, the official FIFA anthem, "wavin' your flag".

  • Posted May 15, 2010
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Seremos = "we will be"

grande = great, grand, big

somos = "we are"

pueblo = town, people

bandera = flag

de = of

libertad = freedom, liberty

See if you can put it together. smile

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seremos grandes, seremos fuertes somos un pueblo bandera de libertad

We will be big, we will be strong, we´re a freedom flag town

  • "pueblo" can also mean "people", probably the meaning in this song - hrafn Apr 23, 2011 flag
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Seremos grandes, somos un pueblo bandera de libertad Note that "seremos" is future, "somos" is present tense

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