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Just wondering if anyone in the forum has tried LoMasTv.com, which is always advertised on the site? If so, what was your experience like?

  • Posted May 15, 2010
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  • I'm glad you asked, I think you just saved me a couple of dollars! - LateToDinner May 15, 2010 flag

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Yes! It is great for practicing listening skills.

First, I watch the video with both subtitles hidden and see how much I understand.

Then, I watch the video showing Spanish and hiding the English and if there are words I don't understand, I can double-click them.

Then, I show the English and see if what I thought it meant is what it really means.

The games help you listen for specific words, but I actually found that it helps build vocabulary since you want to KNOW what the word you typed meant.

I would recommend it 100%!

  • An answer worth voting for, but you seem to be in the minority, so far! - LateToDinner May 15, 2010 flag
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I watch the introduction which seemed interesting enough, however, the moment I saw that I had to pay........... goodbye. I suppose this site with all its free content has spoilt me.

  • Me too Eddy - cheepskates that we are:) - ian-hill May 15, 2010 flag
  • spoilt? Really, Eddy! And adding 'ed' to 'watch' is not a bad idea. - LateToDinner May 15, 2010 flag
  • edwatch? Surely this can´t be correct, can it? - Eddy May 15, 2010 flag
  • Not to detract from Eddy's clever response, "watch" and "watched" are both possible. - samdie May 15, 2010 flag
  • Yes it seems like a good site but I am put off by the cost of joining LoMASTV I have tried the quiz and made progress learning that way - FELIZ77 May 15, 2010 flag
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I just want to mention that if you want to take a "test drive" you can subscribe and cancel within 7 days to get a full and automatic refund, no questions asked. (Login, go to "My Account" --> "Cancel Subscription.") Before you cancel and get your refund you will have total and unfettered access to the entire library of videos. We encourage you to use this feature if you want to try the site out. You can always re-subscribe at a later time should you decide to. (Yes, I work with LoMásTv)

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I was a member I think for a few months a while back. It's a fun site. You learn through videos with subtitles in both English and Spanish and can click on words you don't know to find the meaning. And at the end of the videos there's a game you play which tests your recognition of the lyrics/dialogue (and your spelling of those words). I would become a member again, actually. The only reason I left was because I got really worried about money at one point and wanted to "cut back" (even though last time I checked it's only $10 a month).

  • Hey! Thanks everybody for responses - I was interested in Lomas TV myself, but hadn't gotten around to ask your opinion yet. - Lise-Laroche May 15, 2010 flag
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I have tried it, it has it's good points and bad. In my opinion, there is precious little content that is rated as 'easy', and there are tons of videos that are rated 'difficult'. I've enjoyed watcing some of the videos, but most of them are of a really low quality and that drives me nuts. However, for 10 bux a month I guess it's hard to complain, especially considering you have dual subtitles and you can slow the player down. There are videos that are rated as 'difficult' that I would have no problem understanding if the audio quality was better. When I wear headphones it's much better. You should be able to make a decent judgment call watching the demo videos.

I have Dish network for television, so I changed my package to Dish Latino which gives me a boatload of content to choose from.

  • Most LoMásTv videos are "real" Spanish programming licensed from or used with the permission of broadcast television producers. Most is not "textbook" Spanish that is not usually heard in real life. - jdq May 16, 2010 flag
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I have not tried LoMasTv.com yet, however I do intend to once I have a bit more vocabulary under my belt.

A somewhat useful source for listening to real Spanish dialogue is the US Defense Language Institute (http://gloss.dliflc.edu/) -- the cool thing about this is you listen to actual news reports, then answer questions, and there are transcriptions. Of course, it's free since it has been developed with taxpayer money by the US government smile

  • This is a great resource. I have also found this free yable-esk material on intersting topics including business and social situations. http://www.laits.utexas.edu/laexec/neg01.html# - axme100 Oct 24, 2011 flag
  • I took a quick look. I also want to learn more vocabulary, then I'll go for it. - rita-elgert Oct 24, 2011 flag
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It's bargain for $10.00 a month. I was an exchange student in Chile. Chileans speak "Castellano"- different accent, vocabulary, idioms, etc. LoMas exposes the learner to different accents and expressions in Central and South America and Spain. You will learn Spanish from native speakers and pick up lots of vocabulary!

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Is another good resource

Some of the links are broken but I emailed the webmaster and he's working to fix them.

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Heaps of the LoMasTv videos are available as podcasts though iTunes for free. They have both the Spanish and English subtitles but you can't speed them up or slow them down like the paid ones.

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Is another good resource

The utexas site has even more. These "proficiency exercises" run the range of beginners through advanced.


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