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I have a mexican friend and we recently became enemies and he sent me an email that only contained this "ke onda wey ke haces karnal" What does it mean?

I've tried searching the phrase "ke onda wey ke haces karnal" up online but the only words recognized are onda = wave and haces=beams I believe... it doesn't make any sense.

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. It means "What's up, man? What are you doing, buddy?" The Spanish is a bit mangled. It should read ¿Qué onda, güey? ¿Qué haces, carnal?

  • Thank you very much wow that was fast... is it mangled becayse he's mexican and there's like different dialects or ways of speaking slightly? He's in his 30s so I figured he'd know how to type haha - Chocolate_Pi May 10, 2010 flag
  • You beat me to it ;) - chicasabrosa May 10, 2010 flag
  • You're most welcome. It's not a dialectical thing, he's just not spelling his words properly or using punctuation and accent marks. :) - MacFadden May 10, 2010 flag
  • Sorry, chicasabrosa. Fast typer, I guess. :) - MacFadden May 10, 2010 flag
  • I'm sure he knows how it should be. It's just like how English speakers mangle their grammar and spelling on YouTube comments and such despite knowing better. - MacFadden May 10, 2010 flag
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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

Your friend didn't use correct spelling. His sentence should read "Qué onda [wey] qué haces carnal".

I'm not sure what it means, my try is:"What's up dude, what are you doing, mate?"

"Qué onda" means "what's up" according to my dictionary, and "carnal" is Latin American familiar speech for "pal", "mate". Haces is the second person singular from the verb "hacer", to do, to make.

Hope this helps.!

Saludos, Chica

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It's the kind of slangy alternate spelling mexican kids use when texting. MacFadden's transliteration is right. it's like asking what this means in English: wot u b doin bro?

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