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Does anyone know of any websites where I can watch spanish videos with subtitles and or translations. I know of LoMasTv but I am not really a fan.

This site seems brilliant for spanish speaking people learning english link text - I hope someone can find something this good but for learning spanish.

Thank you.

This site is pretty good. link text

  • good question, and thanks for the above blogspot addy - billy-jones May 9, 2010 flag

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Why is it you don't like LoMásTv?

  • It does not have a lot of easy content' It is from the same people who do an English version for spainish speakers, that is $33 for the year and has masses of vidoes, LoMas is $10 a month, ( not much I admit) but it is generally just songs - Stig345 May 10, 2010 flag
  • Thanks, obviously we have a perception problem! LoMásTv has over 28 hours of video - we do have music, but videos are non-music and include drama, documentaries, interviews, travel, and cooking. We are not the same company as Yappr. - jdq May 10, 2010 flag
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I don't have an answer but am bumping this up as I'm interested as well. Good question!

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There are series called "Mi vida loca" on BBC webpage. With English or Spanish subtitles, and it's like a game, where the viewer is involved. It was very useful to me.

Another amazing site is here: link text

Also try searching songs on Youtube with lyrics, or talk shows and movies with subtitles. Yesterday Heidita ran a thread, see here (the video is in English with Spanish subs): link text

  • Your link is amazing! Everyone should check it out. Will be using this one a lot! And it's free, although I'm considering donating to keep it going it's so good. - rheit Aug 31, 2012 flag
  • Wow! The BBC one is great too! I can't believe nobody took the time to check these out and give you a vote. - rheit Aug 31, 2012 flag
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This one is also very good: http://gloss.dliflc.edu.

There are only a limited number of videos, but many audio files. The "subtitles" you're looking for can be accessed by clicking on "source." Be careful when you select the level... they define level 2 as "fluent," (where 1 is low and 4 is high).

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