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Create a sentence in Spanish (with the English translation) using a synonym or antonym for today's word sencillo.

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I can tell you now that she will not be interested in a simple dress; she will want something very fancy.

Puedo decirte ahora que a ella no le va a interesar un vestido sencillo; va a querer algo muy adorado.

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At times Spanish can be complex, and at times it can be simple. It's the complex part that gives me a headache. confused

A veces el español puede ser complejo, y a veces puede ser sencillo. Es el parte complejo lo que me da dolor de cabeza.

  • hello! as "parte" is femenine, it should be "la parte compleja" - Malucian May 7, 2010 flag
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It's too **difficult **to drive during a snowfall without tire chains

Es demasiado difícil conducir durante una nevada sin cadenas.

  • What about "demasiado" for the word "too?" Hi, Melipiru. :-) - Delores--Lin May 7, 2010 flag
  • thanks Delores - melipiru May 7, 2010 flag
  • Your sentence is good Melipru, but may I suggest a rearrangement of the words? Try this: "It's too difficult to drive during a snowfall without tire chains." - Nicole-B May 7, 2010 flag
  • This sounds more natural in English. :) - Nicole-B May 7, 2010 flag
  • An alternative to Nicole's suggestion would be to change "its" to "is". This would also make more sense as an English sentence. Nicole's option is good, too. - danrivera May 7, 2010 flag
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Antónimo: enrevesado = complicated

Unos de los ejercicios del traducción de Heidita son demasiado enrevesados para mí

Some of Heidita's translation exercises are too complex for me

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Tengo a una amiga que es una persona abierta, amistosa y cordial. Es muy campechana y afable.

I have a friend who is an open, friendly and cordial person..She is very easygoing and affable.

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¿Cómo podrías saber que el modesto Clark Kent era en realidad el superhéroe deslumbrante, Superman? How would you know that the modest Clark Kent was really the dazzling superhero, Superman?
¿Crees que es mi amigo?wink Do you believe that he is my friend?
sinónimo = modesto synonym = modest
antónimo = deslumbrante antonym = brilliant
  • podrías saber, que es, no subject pronoun! and no, it is NOT necessary! - 00494d19 May 7, 2010 flag
  • Pretty slick getting both a sinónimo and antónimo in one sentence :) - Lrtward May 7, 2010 flag
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Acabo de escuchar el nuevo siete pulgadas de Los Planetas.

I just listened to the new single from Los Planetas.

Note: El sencillo also means a vinyl single, and a synonym of that is 'seven inch', referring to the diameter of the record. In Spanish it's called un siete pulgadas. This sentence is technically false, because "No sé cómo te atreves" was only released for digital download, and so can't be heard on vinyl, but it's using a synonym of sencillo that was the point.

  • mac, se dice "sencillo" nadie diría el siete plgadas, actually I didn't know what you meant... - 00494d19 May 7, 2010 flag
  • Ah, ¿verdad? Supongo que no debo creer todo lo que lea en Wikipedia. ;) Gracias por avisarme. - MacFadden May 7, 2010 flag
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La improvisación de Jazz puede ser muy compleja. Jazz improvisation can be very complex.

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antónimo: complejo

Las cosas son siempre sencillas, pero somos nosotros los que las hacemos complejas.

The things are always simple, but it is we who make them complex.

  • Hi, Luz. It is we who make...:-) - Delores--Lin May 7, 2010 flag
  • thanks:) - luz_72 May 7, 2010 flag
  • anytime..I count on you for help in Español. :-) - Delores--Lin May 7, 2010 flag
  • Hi, as "nosotros" is plural, the verb should be "somos" and "hacemos" as in "somos nosotros los que las hacemos complejas" - Please do correct my english too! - Malucian May 7, 2010 flag
  • thanks a lot, Malucian, I can see now I've made a mess of the sentence:) - luz_72 May 7, 2010 flag
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Esta mujer es muy listo. Es fortuna, porque su esposo es poco sencillo.

This woman is very smart. This is fortunate, because her husband is a little simple (minded).

  • "lista"... - luz_72 May 7, 2010 flag
  • fortune = 'fortuna' so it would be better with 'afortunado' = fortunate - margaretbl May 7, 2010 flag
  • Wouldn't it be "es un poco sencillo"? I think so but I'm not positive. I think the way it is here (without the 'un' it means few instead of a little). - Lrtward May 7, 2010 flag
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Todos estos años y es dificil de entender a mi mujer.

All these years and it´s still hard to understand my wife. raspberry

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sinónimo - fácil

Es fácil hacerme la ridícula cuando hablo español.

It's easy to make a fool of myself when I speak Spanish.

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