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the word is albacar,an herb,what is it called in english

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¡Hola!, MommyDearest:

I was able to find this by doing an internet search:

alt text


For me, it is a pretty strong suggestion that "albacar" is "Basil". It may also be known as "Sweet Basil Albacar. "

I hope this is what you wanted.

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ES "basil", la correcta ortografía es "albahaca"

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The correct spelling is this :


(Del ár. hisp. alḥabáqa, y este del ár. clás. ḥabaqah). 1. f. Planta anual de la familia de las Labiadas, con tallos ramosos y velludos de unos tres decímetros de altura, hojas oblongas, lampiñas y muy verdes, y flores blancas, algo purpúreas. Tiene fuerte olor aromático y se cultiva en los jardines.

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Basil. and it is spelt albahacer.

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