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Necesito una traducción por la frase "attention span". En inglés este frase significa el periodo del tiempo por lo cual alguien puede prestar atención (creo que esto es la frase) a algo.

Espero que alguien pueda ayudarme!

In English - I'm looking for a translation for the phrase 'attention span'. Is there an equivalent Spanish phrase?


Elle x

  • Posted May 6, 2010
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4 Answers

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How about "periodo de atención?"

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nivel de atención

una limitada capacidad de concentración

lapsos de atenciíon

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alt text Elle:


Mi gran diccionario ofrece esta sugerencia: My large paper dictionary offers this suggestion:


Attention span = capacidad de concentración

Muchos saludos,


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Online dictionaries aren't helping a lot as they seem to be translating rather than providing the accepted equivalent: I assume there must be one.

A couple of these translations are: "capacidad de concentracion" and "nivel de attencion" and if I had to guess, I might choose the second.

Wikipedia uses "intervalo de atencion" which has more of a ring of truth about it but it really needs more research to find the right answer.

If you plod through the search results using Bing and the item

"attention span" language:es

you may find a suitable "official" answer. Obviously you can do the same with Google etc. but it tends to have even more clutter nowadays.

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