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What is the right sentence here? I am really confused about the times.

Como estaba, estuvo, estuviste or estabas tu dia hoy???


Como estaba, estuvo, estuviste or estabas tu dia de ayer???

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qfreed is right about ''estar'' applying to ''día'', so you want 3rd person singular. I would use the preterite (estuvo) for both yesterday and today, since the events have already happened and are complete.

But you more frequently hear a more idiomatic phrase, like:

¿Cómo te fue ayer? - How did it go yesterday?

¿Cómo te fue hoy? - How was your day (today)?

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How was your day today?

How was your day yesterday.

The subject of the sentence = day so estuvistes and estabas are incorrect conjugations for the verb. (the subject would have to be tú.)

So the real question is 3rd person, singular, ...imperfect or preterite of estar? I would guess the preterite since nothing ongoing nor habitual is mentioned? Even if you are asking "How was your day thus far?" it is not ongoing since you are asking about the part of the day that has ended in the past.

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I think that my suggestion can work better by using ¿Qué tal te fue + ayer + hoy?

  1. ¿Cómo estuvo hoy tu día? / ¿Qué tal te fue hoy?
  2. ¿Cómo fue tu día ayer? / ¿Qué tal te fue ayer?
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muchas gracias a todos.

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In my opinion when you use "estaba" you are asking about how it was in a moment or situation in the past.

When you use "estuvo" you are asking about how it finally was.


¿Cómo estuvo el día ayer? You are not asking about the 24 hours.

¿Cómo estabas por la mañana? You are asking about how did you feel in the morning.

Please, correct my English mistakes.

I hope helped you.

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