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I have read several posts concerning Gustar yet I am still unsure on one point. Me gusta fresa y me gustan fresas...I got that clear. Me gustan[n] fresa y manzana? Do 2 singular make a plural as expected and should we use gustan?

  • Posted May 5, 2010
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Hi Frenchie and the rest: Wrong answerwink

Gustar is followed by a singular noun, it takes the singular, even though a series of words follow.

Me gusta la manzana y la fresa

Me gustan las fresas.

You use articles with the nouns here.

To practise gustar, why not have a look at this flashcard set I created for the sitewink


Gustar hacer

  • Hi Heidita, I´ve just a look at your lashcards which were very helpul except I can´t understand the construction for number 27 - Does she like me? ¿Le gusto (a ella)? Where does the gusto come from please and also a ella. - caza May 6, 2010 flag
  • That is what I had understood from the other post I found around...thx - sfrenchie May 6, 2010 flag
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should be "gustan"

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Good question. It's gustan. Also, just FYI, you need a definite article, in this case 'la' and 'las' before 'fresa' and 'fresas', respectively.

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Or think of it like this I like strawberries and apples

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Muchas gracias a todos

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¿Le gusto (a ella)? Where does the gusto come from please and also a ella. - caza

Gustar can be conjugated in all persons. So first person is gusto.

Yo gusto...a alguien ( I like somebody, I am pleasing to somebody)

This is not often used, but it can be done.

¿Te gusto? Do you like me?

¿Te gustamos? do you like us?

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