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The sentences I am going to post are by my one and only José Luis Alvitekiss, as sarcastic and ironic as usualwink Instead of posting this a killer thread, I thought I might post one sentence every other day or so.

I would like you to post the translation and your opinion about the sentence. I will correct the translation, and if you post an opinion in Spanish correct major grammar mistakes. You can post in English, but let's get a lot of opinions on these controversial sentences. wink

And remember:

Alvite is sarcastic, always pessimistic, nothing is what it looks likeraspberry

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Here goes number 16.

This is Alvite at his best and I couldn't agree more!wink

El rencor es la tenacidad de la memoria.

  • Posted May 5, 2010
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Resentment is the tenacity of memory.

Nuestra incapacidad de olvidar es el motivo de resentimiento y rencor.

Our inability to forget is the reason for resentment and bitterness.

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El rencor es la tenacidad de la memoria.

The grudge is the stubborness of the memory.

There is nothing we remember better than a grudge against someone. The mind can be very stubborn when it comes to this. As much as we try to just "let it go" the feelings of bitterness return when we think of that person.

Letting go of grudges is one of the most important things we can do for our health and sanity.

No hay nada que recordamos mejor que el rencor o resentimiento a alguien. La mente puede ser muy terca cuando este es el tema. Aunque tratamos de "soltarlo," los sentimientos de amargura regresan cuando pensamos en esa persona.

Dejar los rencores es uno de las cosas más importantes que podemos hacer para nuestra salud y cordura.

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El rencor es la tenacidad de la memoria.

Bitterness is (in having) an iron-clad memory

Algunas personas dicen que sólo los elefantes nunca olvidan. Pero otras dicen que la mujer despechada tiene un poder de recordar más fuerte que una manada entera de elefantes. Me pregunto a quién ha ofendido Alvite.

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El rencor es la tenacidad de la memoria.

Focus and clarity are the by-products of strong emotions. Anger and hate have proven to be among the strongest. We may forget the name of cousin John's wife, but never the name of boy who stole our girlfriend at the dance twenty years ago!

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Rancor is the tenacity of memory.

It is resentment or ill will that keeps the memory going rather than good thoughts. Humans tend to remember the things that anger them rather than pleasant events or kindnesses.

Es el rencor o la mala voluntad que instiga la memoria en vez de los pensamientos buenos. Los seres humanos poseen la tendencia de acordarse de las cosas que los irritan en vez de los eventos agradables o las bondades.

shut eye (Yo pensando en cosas demasiadas difíciles para mi.)

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I can understand the words but can't work out what he means.

Bitterness is the tenacity of memory.

For me it makes sense as - Bitterness is just the tenacity of memory.

In other words if we had no memory of something we would not be / feel bitter.

On reflection we wouldn't feel anything for very long. confused confused

I want to add something "Just forget about it" is the most useless piece of advice. It suggests forgetting is a conscious decision, which it is not - it is the exact opposite.

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Resentment is a persistence of memory.

De nada sirve llorar sobre la leche derramada.wink

Por fin, tengo tiempo por mis pensamientos:

Nadie jamás me hizo daño, todo lo "malo" que me sucedió no es culpa a nadie, es porque las cosas debían que suceder en esa manera y esto era lo mejor por mi crecimiento espiritual. Nunca he perdido tiempo llorando sobre la leche derramada; tal vez mi memoria no es buena...smile

No use to cry over spilled milk.

Finally, I got time for my thoughts:

Nobody ever hurt me, everything "bad" that happened to me is nobody's fault, it is because it needed to happen that way and this was the best for my spiritual growth. I've never wasted time crying over spilled milk; perhaps my memory is no good...

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  • ..."spilled milk" is used symbolically, Ian, both in the proverb and in my thoughts...to denote events that we later regret about... - luz_72 May 6, 2010 flag
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The grudge is the persistence of the memory.

Mis pensamientos:

Es la memoria que - guarda rencor, no es la persona. Su memoria no le permite olvidar las cosas que le molestan. No puede disculpar y olvidar.

It is the memory that bears the grudge, not the person. His memory does not permit him to forget the things he resents. He cannot forgive and forget.

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El rencor es la tenacidad de la memoria.

La traducción: "Rancor is tenacity of memory." In other words, "Bitterness is having a retentive memory."

La interpretación: Alvite dice que si tienes una buena memoria, encontrarás muchas razones para estar amargado y resentido. Si piensas en los acontecimientos de tu vida sin engañarte, te darás cuenta de que cualquiera que no esté amargado y resentido está distorsionando la memoria para que la vida le parezca mejor, concentrandose en las cosas buenas y no prestando atención a las cosas malas.

La interpretación en inglés: He's saying that if you remember life as it really is and don't forget selectively, you will find plenty of reason to be bitter. If you look back at your life, you will see that its constituent events, if considered evenhandedly, balance out to something that rationally inspires bitterness. Anyone who isn't bitter is distorting their memory and focusing on the good parts.

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  • Una pregunta: ¿no es posible *ser* amargado? ¿Sólo puedes *estar* amargado? En inglés es possible "to be bitter [about something]" y también "to be a bitter person in general." Gracias por las correciones. - MacFadden May 5, 2010 flag
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Resentment is the strength of memory.

Pienso que dice que los recuerdos malos son más fuertes que los buenos, que recordamos los acontecimientos negativos más tiempo que los positivos. Muy cínico.

I think he is saying that bad memories are stronger than good ones, that we remember the negative events longer than the positive ones. Very cynical.

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Bitterness is Stubborness of Memory

Creo que gente es muy cínica por los celos y ambición de poder.

I believe that people are very cinical because of Jealousy and ambition for power.

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