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I thought it was "¡Necio!" but my Colombian friend told me that necio is more like a disobedient person angry What is it!? confused sick

  • Posted May 4, 2010
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  • necio / necia as an adj. = foolish ,silly ,dumb or naughty as in a child that does not listen as a n, means stupid. fool idiot - albert-fabri May 4, 2010 flag

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my favourite bobo /boba = fool or simpleton n. also means silly or stupid as an adj.

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Welcome to the forum!

"Fool" is a word that varies wildly from country to country, so it needs to be handled with care. A general safe term is "tonto". You are correct in that "necio" means "fool" in some countries, but apparently not in Colombia.

Once again, a good generic term is "tonto".

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In Mexico we say menso (m) or mensa (f), can be funny, friendly or agressive depending on the relationship, intention and circumstances.

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cualquiera que dijere, Fatuo, será culpado del infierno del fuego. Matt. 5:22

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I can tell you what we said in Venezuela, but people in other countries consider our mild phrase to be a deadly insult. mountaingirl is right. Tonto is probably safe. Be very careful.

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Tonto,necio,insensato...maybe in the dictionary you will find it.. wink wink wink

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You are correct in that "necio" means "fool" in some countries, but apparently not in Colombia.

Neither in Mexico, here it means something closer to 'hardheaded' rather than 'fool'.

'Tonto/a' or 'bobo/a' are better (and safer) translations for 'fool', I think.

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"Idiota" comes to mind although I don't think I ever said it to anyone's face. It sounds harsher than "tonto" wich would be my second choice.

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@ fancypoop: Such an ignorant response... I don't remember seeing your face in your avatar and still you have the nerve to make comments on other people's avatars. Let's remember that this is a learning forum. If you only joined here to criticise others you might want to switch to a different forum where you can say whatever you like.

(Later edit: the response referred to was removed by an admin as a result of several flags)

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In Nicaragua, we consider Payaso, a way of being kind about someone joking around. It's all about how you say the word.

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