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Of course "weedeater" is a proprietary name so maybe I should call it a "string trimmer" or the Brit version, a "strimmer" but what would you call it?

I could also look at the box that the last one came in but I don't really trust B & D to use the right word. Anyway I'm upstairs and the box is down in the garage.

  • Posted May 3, 2010
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4 Answers

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I found desmalezadora .

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"String Trimmer", it is also known as a Strimmer, string trimmer, line trimmer, Weedeater (a brandname), Weedwhacker (a brandname) or weed wacker, Weed Whip, weedy, whipper snipper (in most parts of Australia), garden strimmer, grass trimmer, or Trimmer.

alt text

  • Please read the question princess. What's it called in Spanish? - geofc May 13, 2010 flag
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Here is a link to a previous thread that may answer you question. Hope it helps

weed whacker

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"Weedeater"- I'm not kidding. At least that's what it's called here in California. My workers don't know any other name for it in Spanish.

  • Hi Kevin - what I distill out of the link above is "desbrozadora" maybe you should tell your guys that's what it's called. jeje - geofc May 3, 2010 flag
  • Es tan difícil enseñarles estas cosas. Insisten en parqueando sus carros y comiendo el lonche. ;-) - KevinB May 3, 2010 flag
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