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Is the following below accurate?

oír = hear

escuchar = listen

entender = understand

comprender = understand

When would I use entender versus comprender?

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In practice, it is as Aceydoubleyo (sounds like an Asterix name) grin and Isonder say: comprender and entender are used as synonyms.

Technically, however, there are a few subtleties, and also different possible meanings. I suggest you check out the RAE online, to see all the possible definitions.

In my mind, "comprender" has an implication of a deeper understanding than "entender", but then again it's the same in English, between "understand" and "comprehend".

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As far as oír and escuchar, the difference is similar to English. In our language, to hear is not the same thing as to listen. These are also different than to understand. I can't really tell you the difference betwwen comprender and entender very well. I use comprender when I want to say "to comprehend" and entender to express "to understand", generally... but often I use them sort of interchangably (I'm not a native speaker, however).

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As far as I can tell, comprender and entender are sort of interchangeable, aka synonyms.

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I think it is similar to the difference in English for "entender" - understand and "comprender" - comprehend.

Entender is used for the simpler situations and comprender for the more complex ones.

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