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I need to know how the politically correct way to say African American in Spanish is.

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Hello Jordan, welcome to the Forum. I'm afraid that your question is not as straightforward as it appears.

Political Correctness is a touchy issue everywhere, and different places have different ways of dealing with the subject.

The most literal translation to "African American" is "Afroamericano"; which is used in some places, but particularly by the press.

The problem with the term is that it is a US invention. Many people of African descent do not feel represented by that term outside the United States.

In some places, the PC equivalent is something like "Afrodescendiente" ("of African ascent"), but I would dare say that in most of Latin American people just say "negro", meaning "black". It is not generally taken as an offensive term, either by those using it, or those who are thus described.

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HI jorddan, in Spain:

Americano negro

Negro is not an insult in Spanish, it only determines the colour of the skin.

  • Well it is if youre calling an african american the color of BLACK. Negro is the same as black. in more litteral terms it would be americana/o morena/o - thatoneperso Apr 30, 2013 flag
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