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Asking your child to come here. I thougt it was beneca

Thanks bernard

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. Marianne is right. I would just add that I've gotten the impression that "ven acá" is a bit more forceful--like what you'd use if it was the third time you were calling your child. To convey something equivalent to "Can you come here, please, dear?" you could say "ven aquí." But I've heard different things from different people, so this distinction may vary by region.

  • i hear something that sounds like "ven paraca" most often...though i'm not sure the exact words.. ven por acá, maybe? is that a correct way of phrasing this? - rosesandhell Apr 29, 2010 flag
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Hi Bernard. Welcome to the forum.

You're right (except for the spelling), you can say "ven acá." You can also say "ven aquí."

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Hi, rosesandhell. My explanation of this would exceed the character limit for comments so I had to make a new answer. They might be saying either ven para acá or ven por acá, but because you say it sounds like 'ven paraca,' I think it's probably the first. Both are correct, but they have different meanings. Ven para acá means "come here." Ven por acá designates which path should be taken, like "come this way." Does that make sense?

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