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I need to tell the taxi driver to meet us at eleven o'clock tomorrow

  • Posted Apr 28, 2010
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5 Answers

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HI hm, welcome to the site:

Por favor, recójanos a las 11 mañana.

11 am or pm?

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Although it's not relevant for your specific request, if you specifically want to say "o'clock", you will add "en punto". "A las 11 en punto".

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Sería, a las once... de la mañana, tarde, noche...

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Please pick us up at eleven o'clock tomorrow can be translated as = "Por favor nos recogerá a las once de la mañana.

a las 11 de la manana = At eleven o'clock in the morning.

Son las once (means) = it is 11 O ' Clock a las once means - as others have correctly said - at 11 'O clock.

the expression 'en punto' means/ = exactly, so: a las once en punto = At eleven exactly

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Recójenos a las once de la manana en punto.

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