what sound does the double "l" make? | SpanishDict Answers
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what sound does the double "l" make?

  • Posted Apr 28, 2010
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4 Answers

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I would suggest that you enter a double LL word into the dictionary (e.g. llamar) and then click on the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. Or you could look in the Reference section on letters of the alphabet and read about their pronunciation within words.

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It varies according to regional accent. Theoretically it has the "y" sound, so "los llaves" is pronounced as "los yabes".

But y is often pronounced as j, so someone might pronounce "Soy jo" for "Soy yo."

Thus the ll, which sounds like y, ends up sounding like j in some places. So "los llaves" becomes "los jabes".

Unless you talk to Benz. Because in Argentina, both y and ll sound like sh. blank stare

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Which pronunciation will be best, and make me easily understood wherever I go in the spanish-speaking world?

There is no 'best'. The most one can say is that in such-and-such region, such-and-such pronunciation is the dominant one. Movies and TV provide most Spanish speakers with exposure to the accents of other Spanish speakers (other countries) so any of the pronunciations will be understood (though they may think your pronunciation somewhat 'exotic').

  • Thank Samdie - I find Paralee' s pronunciation the easiest so I'll go with that. :) - galsally Apr 29, 2010 flag
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Now this is something I have been wondering about checking on in the forum.

Paralee almost always pronounces it (in her lessons) as y as in yesterday.

The man who speaks for the dictionary pronounces it as an English j as in joke.

My friend from Ecuador who I visit occasionally for some practice and learning tells me the correct pronunciation is as stated in my textbooks and dictionary, which is like the ll in million. However, when he talks he pronounces it like the 'Dictionary man'!

In the media I only hear y or j. (as in English pronunciation).

Which pronunciation will be best, and make me easily understood wherever I go in the spanish-speaking world?

Sorry I'm probably fussing over detail a lot, but I'd rather settle on one way now and get accustomed to it.

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