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Quiero escribir una carta pero no sé como debo empezarla.

En inglés: "Dear Mr ...."

En español: "??? Señor ..."

  • Posted Apr 27, 2010
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5 Answers

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Perhaps you could use: Estimado señor,

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Estimado/a is used as term of respect, generally in correspondence.
Estimado Señor - Dear Sir.

Querido/a is generally used as a term of endearment or love ie, dear, beloved.

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There are many ways to write letters, depending on what is the purpose of the letter, and to whom it is addressed.

Fortunately there are lots of free and paid guides available on the Internet.

Here is one that I chose at random, just because it looks fairly good.

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I also just saw this start..."Muy Señor mío" I am not sure if this works or not but I thought I would throw this into the pot as well.

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You could start it off with "Saludos..." meaning "Greetings" or "Querido..." meaning "Dear". I am sure the gurus will weigh in soon. Hope this helps. smile

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