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How can i translate an email from Spanish to English?

  • Posted Apr 25, 2010
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4 Answers

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First, welcome to the forum ronbeers! Hope you find this site useful to learn Spanish. As for an email translation, you should copy and paste it as a question with your translation in order to show your willingness to try (that's how learning is fostered here). Afterward, the guru's will get onto the thread and help you along or give you answers. It's a great time! As for the site itself, it's a great learning site, we are a learning community. I would strongly recommend you going through the "Learn Spanish" video lessons with Paralee as well as use the dictionary feature on this site. There are so many useful tools here to help you along, again good luck and welcome. smile

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Firstly, welcome to spanishdict.com. I would ask you, ronbeers to go through the learn spanish videos that paralee has put up, and yes, they are a lot of help, trust me. Very scientific, and easy to learn.

Moreover, if you get stuck with any word, of whose meaning you are not very sure of, try translating it into english, in the dictionary. Im sure that will elp to increase your spanish vocabulary too. if you still have any difficulty, post your entire translation, and all of us will try to go through it, for any corrections needed.

Hope it helps! chao!

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Another option is to copy the email and paste it into the translator on this site. Just click on the "Translation" tab at the top of this page. There are three machine translators that will process the text for you. Remember, however, that there will be some inaccuracies with the machine translations. They do a fairly good job, but they don't understand innuendos. You can compare the three results to get a better idea.

As Jason said, there are a number of gurus here that will be glad to look at what you find and refine it if necessary.

We hope you enjoy the site. We have a lot of fun. Just a word of warning: some people get addicted to this site. Proceed at your own risk. rolleyes wink

  • I did get addicted ! haha :P - dyuti_c Apr 25, 2010 flag
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Also, check out the rules and guidlines of the forum with this link!! smile link text

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