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Are there words in Spanish that have two accent marks?

¿Hay palabras en español tienen dos acentos?

  • Posted Apr 25, 2010
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Historically, there were words that carried two tildes (I can't think of any right now--perhaps "fácilménte"). I'm referring to the accent marks that show where the stress is supposed to be placed on a word. These double accented words were compounds of two or more words or words that were modified by appending another syllable or two. That all changed in the late 1960s or early 1970s, when the RAE moved to reduce the number of diacritical marks in Spanish text.

You might still see double accented words, which were always rare, in some old manuscripts, but not in modern writings.

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Hello. No, there aren't. Also, just so you know, in Spanish, acento refers to the stress put on the syllable, not the accent mark, despite the similarity of sound between acento and accent. Tilde is the word for the accent mark that goes above the letter. It also refers to the squiggly line over an ñ.

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No, because the accent indicates which syllable receives the emphasis, if it doesn't follow the normal rules. Only 1 syllable can have the emphasis.

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Dos palabras compuestas como el segundo ejemplo, "fácilménte" no estaría correcto por que primeramente, mente, no lleva acento y cuando unimos dos palabras el acento desaparece.

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Well, actually soñé (I dreamed) does and some of its other forms but the actual accent (or stress) goes on the "e" so technically it only has one. As far as I know you won't get a word with two accents both on vowels.

  • I only see one in soñé- over the e. The ñ is not an n with an accent, it's a different letter of the alphabet. - Goyo Apr 25, 2010 flag
  • riñón (kidney) is another with two tildes, but only one accent. - KevinB Apr 25, 2010 flag
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Virgulilla o rasgo que se pone sobre algunas abreviaturas, el que lleva la ñ, y cualquier otro signo que sirva para distinguir una letra de otra o denotar su acentuación.

This from the DRAE for 'tilde' . Thus, the "squiggly line" over 'ñ' (and probably the dieresis over 'u') as well as the mark to indicate stress qualify as "tilde". In general, therefor, yes; it's possible to have two tildes in a single word.

However, according to the DRAE, 'acento' has a more limited meaning (typographic mark to indicate stress). Thus in modern Spanish, one can have two tildes but not two acentos. As Eddy pointed out, there was a time (now past) when some words were written with two accent marks (presumably primary and secondary stress).

  • But the question wasn't two tildes, rather two accent marks. - LateToDinner Sep 5, 2010 flag
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