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...si querían darse aires de culturetas...

I can't find it in a dictionary. I think it means dilettante, pseud, poseur. It seems to be used a lot in Spain and it seems to have many shades of meaning. Is it always derogatory?


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Well the word "cultureta" isn't in the Real Academia Española. Your phrase appears to imply something about about putting on aires and graces but I believe this would equate to, "darse aires de afectación". However, like you, I cannot find reference to cultureta.

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Yes, can't find it but it's all over the net in blogs and in particular, newspaper articles. It's clearly slang like "progre" but with a different more nuanced meaning. It seems to refer to a sort of movement like "emos" and such.

One reference, discussing the Generalitat refers to cultureta catalan. Some papers such as La Vanguardia and El Pais use the phrase when discussing films literature etc. It also appears in some political articles. Certainly some articles seem to use it to mean a sort of snobbishness as in "I never watch TV, that's for proles". It seems to have quite a range of meaning.

Anyway, thanks for trying.

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This link is the best I could find link text

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