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is there another meaning other than i am pregnant? I am speaking to an argentina girl and finding it hard to communicate and cant find good translations that wont cost me anything. could you please help me?

i also need this translated;

PORQUE ME ESCRIBIS A MI? AREGLA TUS COSAS CON EL... no puedo preocuparme yo, que ando con muchas cosas encima... AND... YO NO MIENTO

thank you for any help.

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"I'm pregnant" is the only translation of embarazada I'm familiar with. The second part means "Why are you writing to me? Fix your things with him. I can't be bothered/worry about it, I have a lot of things to deal with and I don't lie."

EDIT: Okay, I looked up embarazada in the dictionary on this site just to make sure, and it lists "adjective: embarrassed, perplexed, mazy" as a second definition. Now, I certainly would not take what I've heard over what the dictionary says, but I've always heard that it means 'pregnant' and specifically not 'embarrassed.' I'm pretty sure that if you said, "estoy embarazada" most people would think you were pregnant. My Spanish teacher always emphasized the 'pregnant' meaning and corrected anyone who used it as 'embarassed.'

  • great, and no, does not mean perplexed - 00494d19 Apr 24, 2010 flag
  • I agree with Heidita (of course wouldn't lol) it definently means pregnant and does not mean anything else. I would say you've helped us better the dictionary. =) - DJ_Huero Jan 23, 2011 flag
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Even though some countries may chose to give a different meaning to the same word, the word Embarazada always means to be pregnant in Spanish. To be embarrassed is translated as Avergonzada. This mistake is very common, by the way.

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in argentina embarazada means ashamed or embarrassed

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