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When is it proper to use "Se va" and "Va."

For example should I say "¿Cuando se va?" or "¿Cuando va?"

Gracias por ayudarme.

  • "Quando" is an incorrect spelling of "Cuando." - --Mariana-- Apr 23, 2010 flag

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Hi Philly. Welcome to the forum.

Here's a post on the difference between "ir" and "irse." Mostly it's about destination and whether you have one.

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Sorry about the spelling. I am learning Spanish phonetically through Pimsleur. I want to start learning to write and read also, and I guess you pointed out the need to begin right away!

  • If you click on the "edit" button on your original post, you can make the change yourself. - DR1960 Apr 23, 2010 flag
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