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What does "qué cuentas?" translate to? "cuentas is usually the 3rd person form of "contar" which means "count". But in the contest I saw it in (as a greeting), "count" would not seem to make sense. Gracias!

  • but "cuentas" means "to count" or "to tell" (or account etc. as an noun), so how does that translate into "what's up". (That DOES work though, in the context this phrase was located) - t8805jg Apr 22, 2010 flag
  • OOPS! replace "what's up" w/ "what's new" in that last post... - t8805jg Apr 22, 2010 flag

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It means "What`s new?" It comes from "¿Qué cuentas de nuevo?"

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It means "what's up".

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Cuentas is not third person it is second person and as ¿qué cuentas? had a question mark following it it must have had one upside down proceeding it and the phrase could mean what are you going to report or words to that affect !cuentanos¡ tell us the whole story.

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