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Is there a difference?

  • Posted Apr 22, 2010
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11 Answers

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This is a "bigote"

alt text




alt text

(Del it. mostaccio, var. de mustacchio, y este del gr. μουστάκιον).

  1. m. Bigote grande y espeso. U. t. en pl. con el mismo significado que en sing.

  2. m. coloq. Mancha o chafarrinada en el rostro. Mostacho

  3. m. Mar. Cada uno de los cabos gruesos con que se asegura el bauprés a una y otra banda.

Real Academia Española

Admiróse un portugués

al ver que en su tierna infancia

todos los niños en Francia

supiesen hablar francés.

Arte diabólico es,

dijo, torciendo el mostacho,

que para hablar en gabacho

un fidalgo en Portugal,

llega a viejo y lo hace mal,

y aquí lo parla un muchacho.

Nicolás Fernández Moratín

alt text

  • Awesome, so you can use it to refer to a bigote that someone is trying to grow and make fun of them? Que mostacho que tienes amigo! - jeezzle Apr 22, 2010 flag
  • Another sensational answer, Benz! I will never forget the distinction between these 2 words now. :) - Rikko Apr 22, 2010 flag
  • Mostacho es un bigote extremadamente grande :) - Benz Apr 22, 2010 flag
  • Photos of Brad Pitt always welcome ;) - galsally Apr 23, 2010 flag
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I've always heard bigote...

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They seem to mean the same but like naferpants...I've always heard bigote (in Mexico).

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Siendo bigoteado tengo gran interés. Felizmente nadie nunca me ha caracterizado como "con mostaco". Lo rechazo. Quizas esta palabra proviene de Italia o algun otro pais extraño.

Of course you may object to "siendo" on the grounds that it's a temporary condition and tell me I should say "estando" but I started this beard (see my avatar) and whiskers in September 1956 and I consider it a permanent state.

  • It's weird at times, isn't it? None of my adult children (or my ex-wife for that matter) have ever seen me clean shaven. I've worn mine since 1971. You make me feel immature. - 0074b507 Apr 23, 2010 flag
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I've always used bigote also. smile

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Interestingly enough.....mostacho is in the SD dictionary. But again, I've not heard it. In fact, I thouth it was the english word mustache spelled incorrectly.


mostacho [mos-tah’-cho]-----> BIGOTE

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"Mostacho" is kind of a derogatory word in mi opinion. We will use it to refer to an hilarious or ridiculous "bigote".

  • Good to know...I hope my "bigote" doesn't merit it. Thanks. - MexGuy Apr 22, 2010 flag
  • Yeah like the long ones. - BellaMargari Apr 22, 2010 flag
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To be honest, I've never heard: Mostacho until now! Only bigote...

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Throw another one down for never heard mostacho only bigote. I would go with bigote given the option.

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Cotidianamente se dice bigote. En poesía, novelas y comicidad comúnmente mostacho.

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Thanks to all!

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