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how do you say i wake up 6:30 in the morning in spanish

  • Nothing to do with your question, but nice profile picture. I love Meagan Good. - TheSilentHer Apr 21, 2010 flag

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Me despierto a las seis y media de la manana is i wake up at 6 30 in the morning. I woke up at 6 30 would be me desperté a las seis y media de la manana.

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Me levanto todos los días en las seis y media/6:30. I wake up every morning at six thirty/6:30.

  • "Me levanto" means "I get up" rather than "I wake up." - tennismom Apr 21, 2010 flag
  • "...a las seis y media." - --Mariana-- Apr 21, 2010 flag
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Yo despertarse al las sies y media en la mañana.

  • Sorry..this is incorrect. :-( You need to conjugate "despertarse," "al" should be "a," and it's "de la mañana." - --Mariana-- Apr 21, 2010 flag
  • "seis," not "sies" :) - tennismom Apr 21, 2010 flag
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